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Why you.... by Fleckenfrost
Why you....
after a long time I did it to drew digital again....and so I drew my old cat characters Rain and Sherlock...I chance Rains stripes a bit...
Time to take a SHOT! by Fleckenfrost
Time to take a SHOT!
soooo...yeah fleckys death....
I guess she is in her 40`s when she die...but who knows
Happy in Heaven by Fleckenfrost
Happy in Heaven
Flecky and Matt in heaven...
so everyone needs to die one day...sooo
for questions just ask^^
Rob and Jack by Fleckenfrost
Rob and Jack
so here we have Rob and Jack two shapeshifter and Fleckys friends


Real name: Robert Carter
Nickname: Rob, Robby or Roberty X3
Age: 20
Birth Date: 08.11.1879 in Irland
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexuell
Nationality: Irishman
Race: Shapeshifter his animal form is a deer
Special power: Healing, but he can heal plants too and let them grow

Weight: 75 kg
High: 187 cm
Hair Color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Accessoire: Nothing

He is very cheerful. He love it to cheer up his friends and strangers when they are upset. His heart is full of love and joy, you will never see him without a smile. He can smile in every situation what is kind of funny or creepy. But at least he is very kind. And take care for evey creature in his near no matter if it is a human or animal.

Rob was the first born of seven children. He grew up on a farm in Irland. He lived a happy life. There was no time you see him upsad he always was the happy peppy butterfly we know. His siblings love him, he always was there for them. When his parents were out he protect the children. Rob cared much about his siblings. He teach them what he learn. Sometimes he was just like a Father for them. In the village they lived nobody know that they are shapeshifter. So they were lucky no one ever hunt them down. The reason why he was leaving his family was a accident. He little sister was run over by a coach. Rob was in the near. Even if he was ten years old he think this was his fault. This was the first time he was sad. He could never forgive himslef. So his parents thought it would be the best to send him away. Gone from the pain.
When he arrived to the farm were Flecky lived, he tried to be the happy guy like he was always. They become friends and he forget the pain. But never forgive himself.


Real name: Jack Barrowman
Nickname: Jacky just Jacky XD
Age: 20
Birth Date: 03.01.1879 in America
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexuell
Nationality: American, but his Mother is German and his Father Italian
Race: Shapeshifter his animal form is a wolf
Special power: Fighting, he is a strong and powerful fighter. He can stop the time when this happens the world stops breathing for a minute.

Weight: 71 kg
High: 180 cm
Hair Color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Accessoire: his scars

He is a grumpy person. Shows never his feelings. A lot of people discribe him scarry or emotionless. Jack never smile in front of other people. He is kind of a loner but have a big heart. Most of the time he gets annoyed when Flecky and Rob  try to cheer him up. He yell at them but at least he love the both, they are his only friends.  

Jack was the first born. His mother was a immigrant in America and his father too. When they get Jack they lived in New York. He grew up in a good family. But Jack was that kind of child what only have nonsense in his head. He often comes in trouble. One day he played a prank that ends up bad for him. He almost lost a eye. Luckily it was only a scar. His parents worry about him. They decided to send him away. One reason was his behavior. Another reason was they worry that their only son would die when someone find out he is a shapeshifter. That was the day he get really grumpy. He always was kind of a player with a Pokerface but now he was a grumpy player. When he arrived to the farm he had some trouble to become friends with Flecky and Rob. He was snooty, rude and shut. But Flecky and Rob tried their best to become friends with Jack. At least he open up and they become a real trio.


Fleckenfrost's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I am Flecky^^
and I really like it to draw what comes in my mind XD
And by the way I cosplay too....but I did not taking that often pictures....(faile in life XD)
So I gues that was it from me.
tagged by Ice-Phoenvi 

1. Sage mir deinen Lieblings-Film-musik-Komponisten
Mein Lieblingsfilm ist soweit Sherlock Holmes egal welcher (suchte die bin da mal nicht wählerisch)
Bei der Musik kommt es drauf an sind so Künstler phasen ab und zu

2. Jetzt wäre es interessant deinen Beziehungsstatus zu wissen
Single was sonst ist angenehmer 

3. Dein Lieblingszitat ist? (Anime, Serie, Film, Lied, Interview, Buch or whatever)
das ist schwer evt: Heroes dont exist, and if they did, I wouldnt be one of them~Sherlock

4. Meine klassische Frage: Darf ich dich anknabbern?
Schwer zu beantworten....

5. Hast du Intestellar gesehen? Wenn ja, sage mir deine Meinung und Kritik zum Film. Wenn nein, ich empfehle sehr ihn anzuschauen, auch wenn er richtig Ende sehr kompliziert ist.
leider nicht sehe nicht so oft fernsehen....

6. Hast du irgendwelche Phobien?
soweit nicht...bin sehr positiv XD

7. Scheiße mir gehen die Fragen aus :'D
dann erzähl was von dir

8. Hm, hast du dir Vorsätze für das neue Jahr gemacht? Wenn ja, erzähl!
bin nicht der typ für sowa ich mache weiter wie immer
9. Gibt es irgendwas, was du an meinem Zeichnenstyle magst?
Ich mag es wie du Felle zeichnest und dich immer weiterentwickelst^^

10. Wie gut waren meine Fragen? ;U
waren ganz gut musste wirklich nachdenken XD

I dont tag someone

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